We're really enjoying our new place. Having laundry in the house is more of a luxury than I was expecting.

One complaint from me though. I can't cook a decent omelette on an electric stove. It takes forever to warm up, then it goes from to cold to way to hot in a heartbeat. Sigh...

The kitchen.

Eating room. We found this table on a neighbours front yard. Turned out to be solid teek! Really nice.

Our basement/living room.

Couch and table provided by my lovely sister. Rug from my folks.

My office nook in the basement. I kicked Harry out in order to house the servers. Priorities.

And... a bakcyard... Yeah :)

I'll post some pictures of the neighbourhood next.

Made it!

The drive over was a lot of fun. Glad my dad was with me, otherwise I wouldn't have taken the time to enjoy it.

It took us 5 and a half days. Not bad for not driving in the dark and staying within reach of the speed limit. I took pictures, but on review of them I realized they're all contextless images of my dad or me. Could be anywhere really...

Fiz packs the van with supplies en route out of Vancouver. This was meticulous work. Come to think of it, this may be my favourite picture.

Breakfast in Kamloops. We discovered the self serve waffle iron. A staple of the "breakfast included" motels and hotels we stayed in the length of the trip. Batter quality varied. Kamloops was the first and bsst. Even had blueberries.

Traffic was stopped just outside Revelstoke due to construction. Good chance to stretch our legs and appreciate the scenery.

Our second day of travel ended in Brooks AB. I called the pervasive odor cow shit. I heard later, the locals call it money. This is a quick shot of our motel parking lot. I took a couple of other pictures, but this one distils the essence of out 10 hour stay.

Next stop Regina. On our way to dinner at a Greek Resto/Pub. I have a similar expression behind my phone. This was a 1000 km day. Greek salads made everything better.

Been here a week now, starting to settle in. Still a lot of unpacking to do.

The state of my router as I try to sort out Teksavvy routing. Should have this sorted out shortly, then start moving services from Vancouver.

Where the servers will live.